Puck the Faun Photoshoot

17th December 2016
I have worked on 3 shoots with Sabrina Tait a very capable hair and makeup artist who is studying for a hair and makeup qualification at college and she asked me to do some shots to help with her exam project.
The theme was Puck the Faun from A Midsummer Night's Dream, Sabrina found the location, a woodland scene at Pudsey Park's Visitor's Centre and I arranged to meet her there after her observed exam with her friend Puck.
I went early, set up my lights and went into the office to ask the attendant something while I was waiting for them to arrive, I opened the office door to leave and received a real fright when confronted with a little blue green man with horns,
Puck had arrived !
Sabrina had done a fantastic job creating Puck, we had a great shoot and came away with the images to help towards her qualification.
See gallery for images.