Pre Raphaelite Image

02nd October 2016
The planning has started on number 4 in my series of photoshoots to produce a panel of 20 beautiful images depicting 'Fashion Throughout the Ages'.
This is not going to be an easy one the Pre Raphaelite era which started about 1850 is in reality a style of painting rather than a form of dress and was a movement started by painters and poets who formed The Pre Raphaelite Brotherhood to promote the painting style practiced before the painter Raphael which they felt was more free flowing and romantic than the mechanical style of Raphael and those that followed him. The dresses painted were in the Medieval style.
The first 3 dresses I have used were hired from the West Yorkshire Playhouse but they do not have anything of this dress style in stock so will have to spread my net wider, could take a while, may have to start another 'age' alongside.