Papplewick Pumping Station Shoot, Nottingham

18th January 2017
Can't wait for Photoshoot in 4 weeks at a Victorian water pumping station in Nottingham with a new model, makeup artist and a great dress. Report and images to follow.

Well the 4 weeks have flown by and we did the shoot last Friday the 17th February, it was good to get out of the studio on location and meet other photographers, models and makeup artists at this group shoot organised by Studio Antics World.
The pumping station supplied the local area with water in Victorian times, the budget was £50,000 and they only spent £49,000 so they 'went to town' and embellished the interior with ornate wrought iron work on the columns which are topped with impressive herons, or are they griffins? Still lots of money left so they blew the lot and installed stained glass windows on a water fishy theme. The new team was model / actress Jasmine Sumner and hair and makeup artist Alison Goodwin. I sourced a stunning dress from a new young Belgium designer based on an elf theme but to me it looked a bit futuristic or Japanese. Having looked around the pumphouse I thought it was more suited to a steam pump shoot but the grounds around a circular lake were beautiful so most of our shots were done outside on a really good day for mid February. It was good to meet all the other teams all doing their own take on the pumphouse and grounds.
The day wasn't long enough and we over-run our 4pm finish by almost an hour but the caretaker didn't mind, I think he had a good day at work watching the models :)
I took over 100 shots and pleased that almost all were good quality, just a few dud ones, but a few winners. Really enjoyable shooting with the new team, Jasmine knows how to pull off some fantastic poses and Alison worked hard and produced not one but two stunning looks and helped with some of the poses as she has lots of experience of weddings, not that she is a serial bride, it's her job to do the bridal makeup !
As Jasmine said Alison was a 'Jack of all Trades' as she didn't mind holding up reflectors to stop the light at windows and lighting a small fire in the bushes to get some smoke in the shot, must get some smoke bombs next time. Thanks girls for some great images. See Jasmine Sumner portfolio.