Licentiate Qualification Awarded by The Society of Wedding and Portrait Photograhers

25th June 2016
I got quite a surprise yesterday when the postman came, he delivered my licentiate qualification certificate from the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers, the fastest growing photography organisation in the World!
I joined the Society in February as I wanted to learn the correct way to take portraits and submitted 20 images for mentoring, the feed back I received was very encouraging and I was advised to submit 20 images to try for my licentiate membership.
I submitted the panel, see blog, about a week ago and didn't expect an answer for a month so an early answer was a welcome surprise.
Now inspired, I have started thinking about what subject I should tackle to gain my associate qualification with the society. My successful licentiate panel were all avant garde portraits but quite a mixed bag with no theme, to gain the associate qualification I need to show my own style with a consistent theme running through 20 balanced images demonstrating advanced photographic skills including lighting, camera skills, posing etc.
I may be some time !